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Meet The Team


Chris Collibee


Chris moved to Wethersfield in the summer of 2020, after welcoming his twin daughters Grace and Olivia in May 2019. He and his wife Kim live near the Wintergreen Woods, where they can hear the sounds of nature and the high school marching band. Professionally, Chris is the spokesperson for the state’s budget office. In his free time, he can be found hiking, fishing, golfing, or laying out in his hammock listening to a Red Sox game. As the second president in the history of the Wethersfield Dads Club, he aims to be more likable than John Adams.


Mike Rivers

Vice President

After many unfulfilled years in corporate America, Mike now works as a freelancer in TV production, a musician, and a luthier (guitar repair). The story of how he got from there to here is a funny one – ask him sometime. Mike and his wife, Chandra, have lived in Wethersfield for 13 years. In 2018, their son Lovett was born, and there's nary a prouder papa to be found. The Dad’s Club has been a great group, fostering a strong sense of community, offering fun monthly events, and providing an avenue for giving back through service and outreach projects. Mike is happy to help continue fostering and promoting this club as Vice President, aiming to exceed Ben Franklin’s expectations, who coined the term 'His Superfluous Excellency' to describe the office of Vice President.


David McSergi

Membership Director

David relocated to Rocky Hill in 2020 from out of state to advance his career working in healthcare administration for Yale. He found the dads club shortly after arriving when walking down Main Street and seeing the annual scarecrow. Since joining the club, he has enjoyed the social and volunteer events so much that he has invited others to join. He loves networking and getting out of the house with his 1 year old daughter and 3 year old son, along with his wife Kelly. He looks forward to meeting other dads at different events and making new lifelong friends here.

M crowl.jpg

Mike Crowl


Mike and his wife Ali have been homeowners in old Wethersfield since 2013. They welcomed their first child in 2018, and are now proud parents to 3 (very) active kids. Both Mike and Ali are engineers and are excited to teach their kids all about math and science! In his free time, Mike likes to stay active with his family and up to date with technology. Mike also hopes his kids aren't cursed by his (mostly) heartbreaking love of the Buffalo bills. Mikes role in the dads club is secretary where he hopes to keep us on track and exceeding member expectations.


Peter Rhines


Peter moved to Wethersfield in the winter of 2019 with his wife Lauren and two children, Madelyn and Jackson.  After searching for a house for over 2 years, the decision to check out Wethersfield proved to be the right call.  After Lauren joined the local Mom’s Club, she let Pete know that a Wethersfield Dad’s Club existed and he joined shortly thereafter.  Enjoying the wide variety of events and comradery amongst fellow fathers, Pete is quick to promote the club whenever he can.  Pete is currently employed with Eversouce, utilizing a background in Project Management while his wife works for the Town of Newington.  In his spare time, Pete enjoys watching the Celts, Sox & Uconn games, going to the gym, playing golf & softball, camping and spending time with the family. As Treasurer, Peter promises that when he enters a Target or Walmart he will only buy what is on the shopping list.


Chris Patnaude

Social Media Coordinator

Chris has been a Wethersfield resident since 2015 and a Wethersfield dad since 2018. He is husband to his wife Katherine, and father to two creative children, James and Madeleine. Chris is a stay at home dad that makes sure the family is well fed with delicious meals, even if the children don't eat them every time. In his spare time Chris enjoys reading, games, walking outdoors, and the occasional LARP in Maine. As social media coordinator he promises to help you Google any answer to your questions.

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